FED Global Thought Leadership 2018

Revolutionizing the Brand Experience

Take an inspiration-filled journey through new frontiers and new possibilities in restaurant brand experiences. From wearables that could reshape how we interact to optimizing the human touch to create unforgettable moments, from building brand experiences outside the four walls to stronger engagement with digital screens, Joseph Szala of Vigor will spark ideas and pose questions for how we can charge forward with new thinking that revolutionizes the restaurant brand experience.

Joseph Szala, Creative Director and Principal, Vigor Branding

Meet Joseph Szala, the creative director and principal of Vigor, a restaurant and beverage branding and marketing agency, and Grits X Grids, a restaurant branding inspiration blog and podcast. For over 15 years, Vigor has built a reputation for bullish brand thinking and marketing excellence in the food and beverage space with Joseph at the helm. He's led various charges for brands like Zaxby's, Steak n' Shake, Slapfish, Johnny's Pizza House, and Erik's DeliCafe, successfully creating stronger moments of engagement, attraction and brand advocacy. Additionally, Joseph and his team have crafted over 150 restaurant concepts spanning a variety of formats and cuisines.

In 2013, Joseph launched Grits X Grids as a way to uplift the visibility and awareness of what design can do for the food and beverage world. Since then, the publication has been solidified as the No. 1 resource of restaurant branding inspiration around the world.

Joseph has penned articles on innovative thinking and inspiration for multiple publications in the design, advertising and restaurant industries. He indelibly lives and breathes his agency's brand ideal: Do it with Vigor™.