FED Global Thought Leadership 2022

Get Cooking in Record Time: How Adaptive Kitchens Save Time and Money for New Brands

There has been an explosion of multitenant food facilities over the last decade – from high-end production suites to entry-level shared kitchens and ghost kitchens. Savvy operators and designers have found creative ways to get the most out of multifunction kitchen spaces – “adaptive” spaces that can be optimized for CPG, commissary and foodservice applications. The industry is learning more and more about what works and what doesn’t. What do successful food operations need to know before choosing and moving into an adaptive space? How have some companies made small spaces incredibly productive? And what mistakes should be avoided at all costs? This presentation will share lessons learned from early days to today, with examples drawn from adaptive kitchen operations around the globe.

Mott Smith, Co-Owner & CEO, Amped Kitchens

Mott Smith 150x200Mott Smith is a co-founder of Amped Kitchens, a pioneer in the development of multitenant food production facilities. His passion is breaking down the barriers to business growth and bringing large-scale opportunities to companies of all sizes. He is a founding board member of the Council of Infill Builders and teaches in the Master of Real Estate Development Program and Ross Minority Program in Real Estate at the USC Price School of Public Policy.

Photos of the Event